Nail Primer CosmoLac

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Кислотный праймер 30 ml

 Cosmolac Universal Primer 7,5МЛ 20МЛ,

- Makes the surface perfectly matte, evens out the pH balance of the nail plate.

- It is used to improve adhesion both during building and under gel polish.

- Indispensable for high humidity of the nail plate in the summer.

Бескислотный праймер 30 ml

 Cosmolac Primer Acid Free 7,5МЛ 20МЛ

- Softer formula compared to acidic primer.

- Ideal for three-phase gel polish systems and as a base for acid-free gels.

- Due to the residual stickiness, it perfectly interferes with the molecular composition of the base or gel.

Cosmolac Acid Primer primers and degreases the nail plate, preparing for the next coat. The tool is used to cleanse the nail plate. Protects against fungal diseases. Changes the PH environment for a short time. The primer creates an adhesive (sticky layer) on the surface of the nail for better adhesion of the material to the nail plate. It is used in a three-phase gel polish system.

Method of application: Apply the primer with a semi-wet brush only on the surface of the nail, avoiding contact with the skin. Apply the primer without layering on top of each other every subsequent stroke but butt to the previous one! Allow the primer to air dry for 1 minute. After application, avoid touching the nail. The next step after the primer is the application of the base.